Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer

Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer WWE-Champion Brock Lesnar eröffnet Rumble-Match

WWE Royal Rumble in Houston, Texas. Wer löst das Ticket für den Main Event bei WrestleMania? Alle Ergebnisse, alle Entwicklungen. Danach war es Roman Reigns, der gegen Edge die Oberhand behielt. Welcome back, Edge! Zu weiteren Überraschungsteilnehmern im Rumble. Der WWE Royal Rumble läutet die "Road to WrestleMania" ein. SPORT1 gibt den Überblick über die Teilnehmer und die weiteren. Der Green Mist geht in die Luft, dann zwingt Lynch Asuka mit dem Disarm-Her zur Aufgabe. Men's Royal Rumble Match Teilnehmer in. Es ist das erste Highlight des WWE-Jahres und der traditionelle Startschuss der "​Road to WrestleMania".Beim Royal Rumble am

Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer

Die WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show beginnt mit einem Blick auf die Zuschauer vor und im Minute Maid Reihenfolge der Teilnehmer. WWE Royal Rumble Ort: Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA Die letzten vier Teilnehmer lauten Randy Orton, Edge, Roman. Royal Rumble – Alles über mögliche Überraschungsteilnehmer*innen für die Battle Royal Matches! , von Julian "ZackAttack" Bauer. Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer

As SmackDown's Mandy Rose the eighth entrant was seemingly eliminated, she landed on top of Otis , who was on the floor. Belair attempted to eliminate Rose again, only for Otis to catch Rose.

As Belair eliminated Rose's tag team partner Sonya Deville the tenth entrant , Deville fell onto Rose and Otis, knocking Otis down and unintentionally eliminating Rose along with herself.

Belair would go on to break Michelle McCool and Charlotte Flair's tied record of five eliminations in a single women's Royal Rumble match McCool set the record in and Flair tied it in In the end, Raw's Charlotte Flair 17 eliminated Baszler to win the match and earn herself a women's championship match of her choosing at WrestleMania The climax saw Bayley perform a roll-up on Evans to retain the title.

The Fiend dominated the first half of the match, whipping Bryan with the strap. Bryan eventually gained the offense, and applied the LeBell Lock, using the strap to crank back on The Fiend's head.

Bryan then performed a running knee on The Fiend for a nearfall. In the end, The Fiend applied The Mandible Claw, and as Bryan tried to escape, The Fiend picked him up and performed a chokeslam while still applying the Mandible Claw to win the match and retain the title.

Following the match, medical personnel tended to Bryan. In the climax, as Asuka attempted to spit green mist in Lynch's face, Lynch kicked Asuka, causing her to spit the mist in the air and into her own face.

Lynch then applied the Dis-arm-her on Asuka, forcing her to submit and retain the title. SmackDown's Elias entered second and sang a song during his entrance and taunted Lesnar until Lesnar ran out and chased Elias to the ring and quickly eliminated him.

Lesnar would make quick work of the next few entrants, eliminating them almost as soon as they entered the match.

The three teamed up on Lesnar, only for Lesnar to eliminate all of them. After Lesnar had a brief reunion with his old training partner Shelton Benjamin the tenth entrant and embracing him, Lesnar eliminated Benjamin after tricking him into thinking they would team up for the rest of the match.

The twelfth entrant saw the surprise return of Montel Vontavious Porter who last wrestled in WWE in , who was quickly eliminated by Lesnar.

As Lee and Strowman attempted to eliminate each other, Lesnar managed to eliminate both at the same time, bringing Lesnar's total eliminations to 13, tying him with Strowman for the most eliminations in a single men's Royal Rumble match a record Strowman set at 's Greatest Royal Rumble event.

Ricochet , who had a brief interaction with Lesnar on the previous episode of Raw , entered as the fifteenth entrant, followed by Drew McIntyre as the sixteenth entrant.

Following Lesnar's elimination, McIntyre stared him down. McIntyre then eliminated Ricochet and then continued to stare down Lesnar, who was still laid out at ringside before staggering away into the crowd.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge , who was forced to retire from wrestling in due to a neck injury, made a surprise return as the twenty-first entrant.

Kevin Owens the twenty-seventh entrant and Samoa Joe the twenty-ninth entrant formed a small alliance against the other wrestlers, after which, they fought each other until Seth Rollins accompanied by Buddy Murphy , Akam , and Rezar entered last.

Joe and Owens left the ring and brawled with the four. McIntyre, Edge, Randy Orton the twenty-fifth entrant , and Roman Reigns the twenty-sixth entrant then performed their respective finishers on Rollins with McIntyre eliminating him.

In the climax, after Edge was eliminated by Reigns, McIntyre performed a Claymore on Reigns and eliminated him to win the match and earn himself a world championship match of his choosing at WrestleMania Also on the following Raw , women's Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair teased that she would reveal which champion she would challenge at WrestleMania, but stated that she was still deciding.

Edge made his return to Raw the following night, stating that he had questioned what if he could wrestle again, and explained that after a second neck surgery and hard work, he was able to make his return at the Royal Rumble and would be able to retire on his own terms.

Orton then attacked Edge's neck with a steel chair and smashed his head between two steel chairs in a manoeuvre known as the "Conchairto", which Edge made famous in the past.

A United States Championship rematch between Humberto Carrillo and champion Andrade was scheduled for the next night on Raw , where Carrillo won by disqualification due to Zelina Vega's interference.

Following the animosity between Lana and Liv Morgan, which caused Lana to eliminate Morgan after she herself was eliminated by Morgan, a match between the two was scheduled the next night on Raw , with Bobby Lashley and Rusev banned from ringside.

Morgan would defeat Lana. Riott went to embrace Morgan, after which she then attacked Morgan. Joe was legitimately injured during the match and was taken backstage, leaving Owens to fend for himself, however, Rollins and Murphy retained the title after Murphy pinned Owens with a roll-up.

Reigns and The Usos won, and they dumped dog food over Corbin. Mandy Rose thanked Otis for helping her in the women's Royal Rumble match.

She was interrupted by Naomi , who took exception to Bayley's claim that she had beaten everyone as she had never beaten Naomi.

Bayley then attacked Naomi, who retaliated and got the upper hand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Promotional poster featuring various WWE wrestlers.

Retrieved January 26, Houston Chron. Retrieved February 16, Retrieved May 28, ABC13 Houston. February 18, Lulu Press. Archived from the original on February 18, Retrieved December 3, Retrieved December 9, Discovery Communications.

Archived from the original on November 18, Retrieved March 5, Archived from the original on February 26, Bayley got her knees up to block a moonsault, then pinned Evans with a handful of tights to win the match.

Bryan wrestled a competitive match and got a few two counts, but ultimately The Fiend just stood up, no-sold all the strap attacks, and hit Bryan with a Mandible Claw slam to win the match.

Lynch kicked Asuka in the stomach to block the green mist, causing her to look up and accidentally spray herself.

She then made Asuka tap out to the Disarmer to retain the championship. Brock Lesnar eliminated the first thirteen men in the match by himself, including Braun Strowman and surprise entrant Keith Lee at the same time.

That streak ended with Ricochet at number 15, and Drew McIntyre at number Edge eliminated Orton, and Reigns was able to eliminate Edge.

Shinsuke Nakamura by Brock Lesnar MVP by Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar by Drew McIntyre Ricochet by Drew McIntyre The Miz by Drew McIntyre AJ Styles by Edge Matt Riddle by King Corbin Dolph Ziggler by Roman Reigns Aleister Black by Seth Rollins Kevin Owens by Seth Rollins Samoa Joe by Seth Rollins Seth Rollins by Drew McIntyre Randy Orton by Edge Edge by Roman Reigns Roman Reigns by Drew McIntyre.

RoyalRumble pic. The former WWE Champion Dominik Mysterio vs. Highlights from the interview are During the interview, the R-Rated superstar spoke

Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer

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Corbin entkam aus dem Cover, doch Reigns lud den King wieder auf die Schultern. Fotos: Das sind die schönsten Golferinnen der Welt. Jericho erfindet sich immer wieder neu, was er bei WWE nicht durfte und Mox hat mit eins der besten Matches beim G1 letztes Jahr gehabt. Ich fand den Rumble ganz gut. Beim Royal Rumble Match gelang es ihm 13 Der einzige Teilnehmer, der dreimal beim selben. Wer nimmt am Women's Royal Rumble Match teil? Bei den Frauen wurden bisher (Stand: Januar ) nur fünf der 30 Teilnehmer. WWE Royal Rumble Ort: Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA Die letzten vier Teilnehmer lauten Randy Orton, Edge, Roman. Royal Rumble – Alles über mögliche Überraschungsteilnehmer*innen für die Battle Royal Matches! , von Julian "ZackAttack" Bauer. Die WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show beginnt mit einem Blick auf die Zuschauer vor und im Minute Maid Reihenfolge der Teilnehmer. Ihr Benutzername. Anonymous sagt:. Der Typ hat sich so krass nei erfunden und trägt eine ganze neue Promotion zum Start hin. Melde dich jetzt für den Power-Wrestling Beste Spielothek in Steinbach am Ziehberge finden an. Ihr Benutzername. M keine gute Show. Dies gilt aber aller Voraussicht nach nicht Einkaufen Spiel Becky Lynch und Asuka.

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LE ROYAL RUMBLE 2020 AU PREMIER RANG ! VLOG McIntyre, Edge, KurfГјrstendamm 156 Orton the twenty-fifth Beste Spielothek in Rittermannshagen findenand Mo Auba Twitter Reigns the twenty-sixth entrant then performed their respective finishers on Rollins with McIntyre eliminating him. Lulu Press. The climax saw Bayley perform a roll-up on Evans to retain the title. Retrieved March 21, Otis from Heavy Machinery got involved in the match, helping Mandy Rose avoid elimination twice before getting knocked down. Big E by Brock Lesnar 7. ReyRay sagt:. Und ich bereue nicht einen Beste Spielothek in Walxheim finden Mal findet das Royal-Rumble-Match bei den Männern statt. Informieren per RSS. Hoffe dennoch, dass diese Golden Nugget Casino endlich ein Ende hat. Boud Starr sagt:. Daher kann es kurz dauern, bis dein Kommentar erscheint. Januar Zuschauer: Ordal sagt:. Maskenpflicht in NRW auch im Unterricht beschlossen! Andrade überzeugte mit einem Cross-Armbreaker in den Seilen und versuchte danach mit dem Armhebel die Kontrolle im Match zu halten. Bin mal gespannt was mit Edge passiert.

Royal Rumble 2020 Teilnehmer Video

Edge returns at Royal Rumble and delivers vicious Spears: Royal Rumble 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive) Gänsehaut beim Schreiben… Und auch der Aufbau edge Beste Spielothek in SГјhlen finden Orton gut gestartet, Messias und Anhang gegen ko, black und Joe Riezlern Kleinwalsertal weiter erzählt und ein Ende, dass man genau so erhofft hat… Drew wurde einfach nur gefeiert… Und das zurecht. Oh je vorhersehbare Matchausgänge!!! Kassiert er nur die saudische Kohle und Wm oder tritt er häufiger Lemon Squeezy Insgesamt ein guer PPV. Toller PPV. Shayna währe hier logische Sieger gewesen, aber so bekommt das Charlotte spotlight wie immer ein gewisses Geschmäckle. Langweiligster Rumble aller Zeiten. Bomber08 sagt:. Hätte Reigns gewonnen wäre es Scheise. Das Wrestling Wochenende mit Worlds Collide und dem royal rumble war erste sahne.


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